Vail Sports Massage

"Keeping you on the hill"

Specializing in Sports Massage, and Deep Swedish-Esalen Massage


 House Call Service in Vail, Beaver Creek, Arrowhead, Bachelor Gulch, and surrounding areas


 25 years experience, Nationally Board Certified, Licensed, Insured

    $130 / 60 minutes hands on (please see services page)


I am very Sorry, but at this time I am not taking on new clients.

For referrals I would recommend Vail Valley Massage COOP.

Thank you for inquiring, Good luck, and best of health.

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  Whether you are a full time, part time, or occasional athlete, Sports Massage  and Therapeutic Bodywork serves an integral purpose in the overall athletic experience.  It is as valuable as pre-training, skill development, time in the game, fluid and nutritional support, and rest.  It is part of a whole athletic picture that, when utilized regularly, yields greater performance results, greater overall health, and greater enjoyment.


  Sports Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork is also highly beneficial to non athletes, as it is a good foundation of multi level relaxation, improved circulation, physical ease in the body, and overall health care.

Benefits of a Vail Sports Massage include:


-Easing of post event pain and fatigue associated with intense physical activity

-Relaxation of muscle tissue to facilitate balance and regeneration

-Release of muscle and connective tissue adhesions to ease movement

-Assisting circulation and the metabolic processes of recovery

-Assisted stretching to help lengthening of muscle and connective tissues

-Identifying and managing habitual patterns of movement

-Retraining the muscle memory of relaxation

-General nervous system relaxation

-Specific condition attention



  You came here to play in the mountains, and the intention is to make sure you can continue to do so for as long as you wish, with increased performance, reduced pain and fatigue, increased sense of relaxation and well being, and greater enjoyment.


  Please take a look at the Services page, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions, and if you would like more information, or would like to schedule a session, please email or call.


  Enjoy your time in Vail !