From Vail Clients:

Matt gives one of the best massages I have ever had, anywhere in the world!  I have

had 2 massages so far from him along with my friend and Mother as well, and we all think he is the best.

He arrives at your condo on time, is very professional, not only listens to your needs but gives you tips to help your body feel better in the future.  All my pains were gone when he left and the next day I felt even more amazing and NOT beat up at all like sometimes when you get a deep massage.

Can't say enough good things, when we are in Vail or Beaver Creek I will call him

every time! Beth, from Co.

First time in Vail and I was fortunate to get a massage with Matt at Vail Sports

Massage.  He really knows his trade and did a great job working all the soreness out of

my tired body. 

It was so nice to have the massage in my room, especially afterwards, when I could

just move from the table to the couch in perfect contentment. I couldn't imagine having

to drive any where after that.  The table set up was very clean, professional, and comfortable, with flannel sheets to boot!  I would recommend this service to anyone. Carrie, from Ny.

I had a massage from Vail Sports Massage recently and it was really fantastic. It was

a combination of deep and firm pressure, long gliding strokes, faster kneading and

flushing type techniques, with some stretching and joint releasing added in.

I have had many massages in the past, and have not had a massage quite like this

before.  It was really effective at relieving my muscle soreness and leaving me relaxed

in my body in a new way for days afterwards.

This was a house call service which made it really easy for me, and he brought the

whole table set up and everything.  This was the first massage I've had at my condo in

Vail, and I must say it really was easy, relaxed, affordable, and best of all effective at

making me feel great. Kathryn, from Tx.

We called Matt at noon and he was at our condo at 2.30. He gave me some excellent

advice and a great massage.  He was very professional, courteous and friendly. 

I will definitely call him again whenever I'm in Vail and need some help getting back on the

mountain!   Thank so much! M.V, from Rhode Island

From Esalen Institute Clients:

- Blessings and gratitude for you and how intuitive and healing your connection.  I was

amazed how without any mention of my hip and Iliopsoas muscle, you immediately knew.

Your care for me was so genuine, thank you so much. - Tamara

- Thank you… With you I experienced deep healing. Your quality of touch is fantastic

confident, fully present, always responding with loving awareness. - Elizabeth

- Great massage, and thanks for the lesson in moving my energy. - Christos

- Thank you Matt !! This was a deeply regenerative healing experience and my body

felt so good afterwards. - Karen

- Thank you so much for your care and skill. You are a gift. - Mark

- I felt a lot of love and tenderness in your touch, and yet permeative. Thank you for

the beautiful experience. - Qi-Huang

- Amazing, best massage ever! - Kathleen

- I just wanted to say how grateful I am for being able to receive the massage you gave

me yesterday.  Honestly, I was blown away by how exactly perfect it was. I have had

many massages before, but this was a totally different experience. I have gained a new respect and understanding of the sacred gift of massage while here at Esalen.

Thank you for being of service in this way. You are gifted. - Carla

- Being a long time body worker myself I have probably received 1200 massages and

this was one of the top 3. Seriously, wonderful.  You're a master at your craft. - Wen

- Exquisite, beautiful, powerful, wonderful, soulful, and I am grateful. - Daphne

- Best massage I've had in many years! Thank you. - Jill

Thank you for considering Vail Sports Massage. 646-704-2695