Sports Massage - A full body (or partial) session, utilizing various sports massage techniques to attend to the areas involved in skiing, snowboarding, cycling, golfing, or other sports activities.

Full Body Therapeutic Massage - A combined modality massage, focused

on increasing circulation, relaxation of muscles and nervous system, integration of the

whole body, and general well being.

Condition Specific Massage - Focused attention on chronic or acute tension areas in

need of work, by client request.


Sessions are for a full 60 minutes (hands on time) with longer sessions available by request.

The start times available for Massages are between 12pm and 7pm (unless previously arranged), to provide the most benefit for day to day activity. I only take on a few sessions each day to insure a top quality experience for all guests and athletes.

I am very Sorry, but at this time I am not taking on new clients.

For referrals I would recommend Vail Valley Massage COOP.

Thank you for inquiring, Good luck, and best of health.



The session rates for house calls are as follows:

60 minutes hands on - $130

75 minutes hands on - $150


90 minutes hands on - $170


120 minutes hands on - $220

Please contact Vail Sports Massage at 646-704-2695

to schedule a session.

Thank you for considering Vail Sports Massage.